When in Rome

Memorable Treasures Photography
So here we are.. stuck in Athens airport for a good 12 hours!!??!!??… Okay, let me explain a little. John, Victoria, Sasha, Gaby (my travel buddies) and I are waiting for our transferring flight to Barcelona. We cannot wait to see what Spain has to offer as we continue this epic journey! While we wait we’ve discovered its a great opportunity to catch up on the things we haven’t got around to .. like UPLOADING THIS BLOG! So far we’ve visited two beautiful countries, and 4 equally magnificent cities. We are 2 weeks in, with over 2000 photos and I think it is about time we get this blog started! So lets begin… FIRST STOP: Italy, Rome, Roma, PIZZA and Buffalo Mozzarella! John and I arrived May 5th 2017. This in itself is a pretty epic start. May 5th was Johns 24th birthday and until that point in his life he had NEVER been on a plane. 24 years and he took on that 8hr and 45 min flight like he owned it! We started our travels in Rome where my cousin Sasha had been studying for the past four months. This really worked to our benefit. Not only did we have a place to stay but we had the most amazing personal tour guide for the next 48 hours. Sasha knew exactly where to take us and how to get there. She took us to all the main attractions and introduced us to the amazing cuisine… To summarize, here is a list of key words that make up our experience in Roma! pizza, gelato, the Vatican, the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, The Forum, buffalo mozzarella, the Colosseum, traffic, pasta, cappuccinos, scooters, the Spanish steps, architecture, cobblestone paths. The rest of the trip will be showcased through our photos. I will continue to update when I can! Photos were taken by both me and John (my photographer in training). He’s defiantly taken a liking to it can’t wait to see where that leads! till next time, Sara

Memorable Treasures Photography2Memorable Treasures Photography3Memorable Treasures Photography4Memorable Treasures Photography5Memorable Treasures Photography6Memorable Treasures Photography7Memorable Treasures Photography8Memorable Treasures Photography9Memorable Treasures Photography10Memorable Treasures Photography11Memorable Treasures Photography12Memorable Treasures Photography14Memorable Treasures Photography15Memorable Treasures Photography18Memorable Treasures Photography19Memorable Treasures Photography21Memorable Treasures Photography20Memorable Treasures Photography22Memorable Treasures Photography23Memorable Treasures Photography24Memorable Treasures Photography25Memorable Treasures Photography26Memorable Treasures Photography27Memorable Treasures Photography28Memorable Treasures Photography29Memorable Treasures Photography30Memorable Treasures Photography31roma memorable treasures photography42roma memorable treasures photography41roma memorable treasures photography40roma memorable treasures photography39roma memorable treasures photography38roma memorable treasures photography37roma memorable treasures photography36roma memorable treasures photography35roma memorable treasures photography34roma memorable treasures photography33roma memorable treasures photography32roma memorable treasures photography31roma memorable treasures photography30roma memorable treasures photography29roma memorable treasures photography28roma memorable treasures photography27roma memorable treasures photography26roma memorable treasures photography25roma memorable treasures photography24roma memorable treasures photography23roma memorable treasures photography22roma memorable treasures photography21roma memorable treasures photography20roma memorable treasures photography19roma memorable treasures photography18roma memorable treasures photography17roma memorable treasures photography16roma memorable treasures photography15roma memorable treasures photography14roma memorable treasures photography13roma memorable treasures photography12roma memorable treasures photography11roma memorable treasures photography10roma memorable treasures photography9roma memorable treasures photography8roma memorable treasures photography7roma memorable treasures photography6roma memorable treasures photography5roma memorable treasures photography4roma memorable treasures photography3roma memorable treasures photography2roma memorable treasures photography1


Hilary & Jordan – Summer Engagement Session

Engagement session Hilary & Jordan- 1
Last Thursday I went up to Bellville with my favourite lady, Destiny of Destiny Dawn photography , to hangout, to check out her father’s awesome new Brewery, Signal Brewery , and to help shoot this beautiful couples engagement session. Hilary and Jordan were a dream to capture. They were naturals and it’s easy to tell how genuine their love is, just look at how Hilary’s face lit up every time she looked at Jordan. I can’t wait to help capture their wedding this season! Here are some of my shots from their summer engagement session with Destiny. ❤ Beautiful bouquet credit to Begonia Moon 

Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-2Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-3Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-4Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-5Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-6Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-7Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-8Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-9Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-10Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-11Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-12Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-13Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-14Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-15Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-16Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-17

Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-18
This adventurous couple didn’t let long grass or mosquitos stop them from getting to these beautiful purple flowers! … it was so worth it!

Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-19Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-20Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-21Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-22Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-23Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-24Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-25Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-26Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-27Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-28Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-29Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-30Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-31Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-32Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-33Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-34Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-35Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-36Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-37Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-38Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-39Engagement session Hilary & Jordan-40


From Rome we headed to Athens which was equally as amazing but in its own respective way. The ancient history, the architecture, the cuisine, the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the locals; Athens will always have a special place in our hearts ❤

athens memorable treasures photography9

athens memorable treasures photography1
The Yard,  a delicious cafe in Athens

athens memorable treasures photography2athens memorable treasures photography3athens memorable treasures photography4

athens memorable treasures photography5
Greek yogurt.. one of my favourites ❤

athens memorable treasures photography6athens memorable treasures photography7

athens memorable treasures photography66
Fresh fruit at the market
athens memorable treasures photography10
Ancient engravings on original stone next to restored marble
athens memorable treasures photography12
Odeon of Herodes Atticus
athens memorable treasures photography13
What the Propylaea used to look like…
athens memorable treasures photography14
What the Propylaea currently looks like!

Views of the Propylaea…

athens memorable treasures photography17athens memorable treasures photography18athens memorable treasures photography19athens memorable treasures photography20athens memorable treasures photography21

athens memorable treasures photography22
athens memorable treasures photography23
The Parthenon
athens memorable treasures photography24
Views from the Acropolis

athens memorable treasures photography25athens memorable treasures photography27athens memorable treasures photography28athens memorable treasures photography31

athens memorable treasures photography32
Temple of Zeus
athens memorable treasures photography33
The Greek Flag standing proudly atop the Acropolis

athens memorable treasures photography35athens memorable treasures photography37athens memorable treasures photography38

athens memorable treasures photography39

athens memorable treasures photography41athens memorable treasures photography42athens memorable treasures photography43athens memorable treasures photography44

athens memorable treasures photography48
A beautiful olive tree and the Erechtheion
athens memorable treasures photography49
This picture displays the resilience of the Acropolis. Even after many centuries of battle and destruction, these pillars remained intact and many of them were left unrestored… Incredible! Even after munition explosions and cannon fire, the pillars remained standing!

athens memorable treasures photography52athens memorable treasures photography53athens memorable treasures photography54athens memorable treasures photography55athens memorable treasures photography56athens memorable treasures photography58athens memorable treasures photography59

athens memorable treasures photography61
Ancient Agora Museum
athens memorable treasures photography63
Ancient Agora & Temple of Hephaestus

athens memorable treasures photography62

athens memorable treasures photography64
Our AMAZING tour guide, Stavros, from the Athens walking tour. If you ever plan to visit Athens, you have to book a private walking tour with this guy. He has so much love and knowledge of this city it’s contagious.

athens proposal memorable treasures photography1athens proposal memorable treasures photography4

athens proposal memorable treasures photography3
The night before we left Athens, John, who had been learning and taking pictures throughout the trip, had asked me to take pictures of the sunset on the rooftop. He asked me several different setting questions… ridiculously setting questions “to make the sun look more bright”. 😉 Eventually he got me to bring my shutter speed really low to which I conveniently replied “well I’ll need to hold the camera very still”. Obviously totally unaware and a bit confused I forced all my attention on holding the camera as still as possible. As soon as I was ready to take the picture he place the ring in front of my shot. ♥♥♥ … I never got that perfect sunset photo buuuuut we’re all okay with that!
athens proposal memorable treasures photography5
Athens, the place where democracy, theater, philosophy and a new chapter of our lives all started! ❤