When in Rome

Memorable Treasures Photography
So here we are.. stuck in Athens airport for a good 12 hours!!??!!??… Okay, let me explain a little. John, Victoria, Sasha, Gaby (my travel buddies) and I are waiting for our transferring flight to Barcelona. We cannot wait to see what Spain has to offer as we continue this epic journey! While we wait we’ve discovered its a great opportunity to catch up on the things we haven’t got around to .. like UPLOADING THIS BLOG! So far we’ve visited two beautiful countries, and 4 equally magnificent cities. We are 2 weeks in, with over 2000 photos and I think it is about time we get this blog started! So lets begin… FIRST STOP: Italy, Rome, Roma, PIZZA and Buffalo Mozzarella! John and I arrived May 5th 2017. This in itself is a pretty epic start. May 5th was Johns 24th birthday and until that point in his life he had NEVER been on a plane. 24 years and he took on that 8hr and 45 min flight like he owned it! We started our travels in Rome where my cousin Sasha had been studying for the past four months. This really worked to our benefit. Not only did we have a place to stay but we had the most amazing personal tour guide for the next 48 hours. Sasha knew exactly where to take us and how to get there. She took us to all the main attractions and introduced us to the amazing cuisine… To summarize, here is a list of key words that make up our experience in Roma! pizza, gelato, the Vatican, the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, The Forum, buffalo mozzarella, the Colosseum, traffic, pasta, cappuccinos, scooters, the Spanish steps, architecture, cobblestone paths. The rest of the trip will be showcased through our photos. I will continue to update when I can! Photos were taken by both me and John (my photographer in training). He’s defiantly taken a liking to it can’t wait to see where that leads! till next time, Sara

Memorable Treasures Photography2Memorable Treasures Photography3Memorable Treasures Photography4Memorable Treasures Photography5Memorable Treasures Photography6Memorable Treasures Photography7Memorable Treasures Photography8Memorable Treasures Photography9Memorable Treasures Photography10Memorable Treasures Photography11Memorable Treasures Photography12Memorable Treasures Photography14Memorable Treasures Photography15Memorable Treasures Photography18Memorable Treasures Photography19Memorable Treasures Photography21Memorable Treasures Photography20Memorable Treasures Photography22Memorable Treasures Photography23Memorable Treasures Photography24Memorable Treasures Photography25Memorable Treasures Photography26Memorable Treasures Photography27Memorable Treasures Photography28Memorable Treasures Photography29Memorable Treasures Photography30Memorable Treasures Photography31roma memorable treasures photography42roma memorable treasures photography41roma memorable treasures photography40roma memorable treasures photography39roma memorable treasures photography38roma memorable treasures photography37roma memorable treasures photography36roma memorable treasures photography35roma memorable treasures photography34roma memorable treasures photography33roma memorable treasures photography32roma memorable treasures photography31roma memorable treasures photography30roma memorable treasures photography29roma memorable treasures photography28roma memorable treasures photography27roma memorable treasures photography26roma memorable treasures photography25roma memorable treasures photography24roma memorable treasures photography23roma memorable treasures photography22roma memorable treasures photography21roma memorable treasures photography20roma memorable treasures photography19roma memorable treasures photography18roma memorable treasures photography17roma memorable treasures photography16roma memorable treasures photography15roma memorable treasures photography14roma memorable treasures photography13roma memorable treasures photography12roma memorable treasures photography11roma memorable treasures photography10roma memorable treasures photography9roma memorable treasures photography8roma memorable treasures photography7roma memorable treasures photography6roma memorable treasures photography5roma memorable treasures photography4roma memorable treasures photography3roma memorable treasures photography2roma memorable treasures photography1


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